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Tuesday 9th of February 2016 - Webstreaming

DEMO CONSECUTIVE EN PT Analysis by speaker and interpreter08:0508:20
DEMO CONSECUTIVE EN PT Interpreters perfomance 08:2508:40
DEMO CONSECUTIVE EN PT Original speech 08:3508:45
DEMO CONSECUTIVE EN NL Analysis by speaker and interpreter08:3508:45
DEMO CONSECUTIVE EN NL Interpreters performance08:4509:00
DEMO CONSECUTIVE EN NL Original speech08:5009:00
DEMO SIMULTANEOUS EN PT Analysis by speaker and interpreter09:0509:25
DEMO SIMULTANEOUS EN PT Interpreter's performance09:1509:25
DEMO SIMULTANEOUS EN PT Original speech09:2509:35
DEMO SIMULTANEOUS EN NL Analysis by speaker and interpreter09:3509:55
DEMO SIMULTANEOUS EN NL Interpreters performance09:4009:50
DEMO SIMULTANEOUS EN NL Original Speech09:5010:00
Distance interpreting10:1010:20
Dolmetschen ins Deutsche10:1510:30
Giving feedback10:2510:35
Managing stress10:3010:40
Is interpreting for you10:3510:45
Mock accreditation test PART 1 Introduction- speech - performance10:4511:00
Mock accreditation test PART 2 Jury deliberations10:4510:55
New technical supports for interpreters10:5511:05
Prioritising information PART 111:0511:15
Prioritising information PART 211:0511:20
Professional ethics11:1511:25
Providing relay11:2011:40
Simultaneous interpretation with text11:2511:40
Simultaneous interpretation advanced11:2511:45
Skill acquisition11:3511:45
The ideal candidate11:3511:45
The interpreter as a cultural mediator12:0512:20
Travailler vers le Franc--ais12:0512:25

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