• Session 1: Privacy protection - approaches to addressing similar challenges in different legal systems and traditions

    The European Union and the United States face similar challenges regarding privacy at a time when many individuals are concerned by increased data collection, online tracking and profiling and they fear losing control of their data. The EU has decided to clarify and modernise its data protection legislation. The US is also assessing its approach to privacy. Where do the partners stand and which common principles can we build on for the future?
  • 14:02 Key note speech

    Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the European Commission, responsible for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship.

  • 14:20 Key note speech

    Representative Ed Markey (D-MA), Co-Chair of Congressional Privacy Caucus

  • 15:31 Session 2: Compatibility, compliance and accountability at global scale

    Differences in social, cultural and legal systems and traditions are reflected in different approaches to privacy. How can the conditions for data exchange at global scale be improved in the view of persisting diversity between different parts of the world?
  • 17:41 Session 3: Enforcing the protection of personal data

    Not all actors are playing by the rules; therefore an effective enforcement system is necessary. The EU system is based on general data protection principles and different levels of enforcement including statutory supervision and administrative or criminal sanctions, and it also provides for self- and co-regulation to further compliance and for civil liabilities. In the United States, sectoral laws and self-regulatory mechanisms exist and are enforced. How will enforcement develop in the EU and the US? How can we improve global privacy enforcement cooperation?
  • 19:34 Session 4: U.S.-EU Safe Harbour Framework

    In 2000, the EU and the U.S. agreed on the Safe Harbour Framework as a means to ensure adequate protection for data transferred from the EU to be processed by U.S. companies. The current broad discussion on the protection of personal data and privacy is an opportunity for taking stock and discussing the way forward for this agreement. In this session, businesses and regulators will present their views and experiences with the U.S.-EU Safe Harbour Framework.