Corporate Events Database


We are using the general term 'event' to refer to any Conference, Seminar, Forum etc. which brings together participants from both inside and outside the EU Institutions and bodies, and which has an external communication dimension.


The SER (Synergies and Efficiencies Review) Decision 'SEC(2016)170 Final' makes registration of all corporate events mandatory.


While introducing your event you may also request support for its organisation from

SCIC's Conference Organisation Service.



Examples of events that should be introduced:


Examples of events that should not be introduced:


Green Week, European Maritime Day, Brussels Economic Forum, Personalised Medicine Conference Citizen's Dialogue, Infodays, etc.

Comitology meetings, Advisory Committees, Expert Group Meetings,Training Sessions, Team buildings, Internal seminars, etc.



In case of doubt please contact us via our functional mailbox.  



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